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Finding the Right Handbag Accessories for Your Body Type

Handbags are considered as one of the best accessories that you may have for your overall look. However, it is also important to buy bags that can go along well with your body type.
Searching the ideal handbag for you is not simply about the newest trends and styles in the market. When shopping, you have to keep the type of your body in mind. Not every handbag is good to use as accessories. Some may not be as good as other types of handbags. This kind of accessories must complement well your body.
Plus-size or curvy women must prevent round or slouchy bags. Seek for handbags that are boxy and prevent prints that are too small or too big. Small prints will make you look larger than you are, while huge prints will draw too much attention to the size of your body. On the contrary, women with a slim body can add some curves to their overall look by choosing a rounded or slouchy hobo or soft-body satchel. If you have a slim body, prevent boxy framed handbags.
Other bag accessories are wide totes. Nonetheless, if you are short, then this is not the right bag for you, as it makes you look even shorter. Instead, choose a handbag that is vertically longer to lengthen the look of your torso. You also need to prevent oversized bags that can overpower your body.
If your body has a pear shape, which carries your weight on your thighs and hips, you must seek for bags that hang to your upper torso. This is to draw the eyes of people away from your problem areas. Other types of bag accessories that is good for pear-shaped body is bowler and satchels bags.
In my opinion, following these guidelines can make you feel more comfortable with your bag. Aside from that, there is nothing wrong if you follow these tips, as these bag accessories can help you look more stunning and beautiful. There are tons of options when it comes to handbags and knowing the right bag for you will not only give you the right choice, but it can help you to be more stylish too.

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